Squirrel roadkill

This fall, there have been more dead squirrels on the road than ever in Austin. I’ve noticed they’re unusually active this year and wondered why.

It may be because oaks are producing NO acorns this year.

Well, I haven’t seen any info on the acorn crop in Texas, but across North America naturalists are reporting that the production isn’t just low, it’s nonexistent. The Washington Post mentions Virginia, New York, Maryland, Kansas, and even Nova Scotia. Apparently, other nuts are scarce too.

“Once I started paying attention, I couldn’t find any acorns anywhere. Not from white oaks, red oaks or black oaks, and this was supposed to be their big year,” said Greg Zell, a naturalist at Long Branch Nature Center in Arlington. “We’re talking zero. Not a single acorn. It’s really bizarre.”

As temperatures continue to drop in Texas (and elsewhere), I expect to see more squirrels as they get more desperate for food.

Washington Post: Acorn Watchers Wonder What Happened to Crop