Most people would never guess I like Japanese pop. Western pop is bad enough, so jacking the cuteness up to 11 couldn’t possibly help. But there are some great electronic beats, and it’s come to be a symbol of my love for Tokyo.

During Hanami, Yoyogi Park is packed with people sitting on tarps under the cherry blossoms. Friends and family hang out over food and drinks – usually alcoholic and in quantity. Ty, Toby, and I were in the mix.

Two girls and a guy approached, all dressed alike, a woman carrying a boombox bringing up the rear. The guy looked like a gay wizard with his short shorts and long grey beard. They asked if they could perform for us.

The boombox started and they began to dance and lip sync.

I got it on video but didn’t know the name of the original group until Ty saw them on the big screen at Shibuya station.

By then I’d been watching the hilarious video and the song had been growing on me. I downloaded the album and haven’t listened to much else since. Perfume’s GAME was very successful, and they just hit the top of the charts with their new single, “love the world.”

Here’s one of my current favorites. It’s what I imagine would be the ultimate Kylie Minogue track, only with Japanese girls on vocals.